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Would you like to stop sitting in traffic on Bridge Road and walk or cycle your kids to school safely?


Would you like a pedestrian route from Llandaff High St to Llandaff North, and vice versa?


We want to campaign for an additional footbridge across the River Taff, to link up the existing Taff Trail route with the footpath on the south side of the river.


This would give a safer, less polluted pedestrian route between Llandaff North/Gabalfa and Llandaff Cathedral and the High Street. 



Why the need?

Bridge Road is currently incredibly congested with traffic, particularly during rush hour and due to the school run.


This is mostly due to parents from Llandaff North, Gabalfa and Whitchurch dropping children by car to Llandaff Church In Wales Primary School, Ysgol Pencae, Bishop of Llandaff and Cantonian School.


Following consideration of the existing paths, and the shortest span of the river, consultation with the engineers suggests that the best position would be linking up the existing paths from the Taff trail (at the end of Colwill Road) to the footpath over the river that comes down from the Cathedral to the south side of the river. 

Get Involved

If you're a parent who could use this bridge to walk or cycle their kids to school, or a cyclist who'd like to be able to cross the river without joining a busy road, or a resident of Llandaff North or South who would like a walking route to link the two sides, then please get in touch.


We need to show a high level of community support to progress the idea further with potential supporters and funders.



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